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Parents please be aware, some of our younger members are receiving letters from Swim Wales and the content of this letter is directed to our chairperson. Swim Wales  may not see this as an issue, but we do. It is your choice as parents to let your child open the letter, but we feel that as parents you should read it first. You can then direct any questions to the committee. At present we are unsure as to what Swim Wales concerns are, however as soon we know more we will inform all our parents.

Thank you.


Following a meeting on the 12th October the Committee have the following message for members:

We believe some members have received an email copy of a letter from Swim Wales to the club chair dated 9th October. As this letter has not been circulated to all members, it is attached below. 

Holywell ASC Letter from Swim Wales

We are very disappointed that Swim Wales have chosen to circulate this to members by email, as we feel this is inappropriate, unprofessional and inaccurate. We are and have been trying to arrange a meeting for many months, but it has proved impossible to agree suitable dates. 

You will also note that the Swim Wales Board mention complaints received in February 2014. We are still awaiting confirmation from Swim Wales as to what the content of this complaint was as we have received no direct information on this from the Officers of Swim Wales. 

As a club, we will be pursuing this matter with them and will keep you informed as to any developments.

 If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to any committee members about this correspondence.


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Geoff Drew Gala Results

We hope you enjoyed attending another successful Geoff Drew Gala as much as we enjoyed hosting it! Result files are below:

Geoff Drew 2014 Team Scores

Geoff Drew 2014 Top Girl and Boy Results

Geoff Drew 2014 Full Results

You should see these results reflected in the British Swimming Rankings very shortly as the file has now been forwarded to them.

Holywell Gala dates for 2015 are:

Valentine Gala – 17th / 18th January

Summer Sprints – 4th July

Geoff Drew – 24th October

We look forward to seeing you all next time!





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Great results at the Swim Conway Autumn Meet in Llandudno

exterior1-610x540Well Done to all the swimmers who took part in the Swim Conway Autumn Meet last weekend (18th & 19th October)

the team did a fantastic job winning a total of :- 48 medals  15 Gold          23 Silver             10 Bronze

some exceptional swims from all our age groups



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