Additional Long Course Training with Stockport Metro

Holywell A.S.C. start training with Stockport Metro’s Wolf pack this weekend the 24th June 2017

Swimmers need to arrive at the Grand Central Baths for 5:45am. Training will start at 6:00am, there will be a 2 hour pool session and a land training session. you will be finished by 9am.

Swimmers selected for Stockport 50m training are:- Ella Williams, Bianca Feliciello, George Davies, Holly Bennett, Liv Davies and Sadie Lee.

Congratulations on your selection good luck, work hard and enjoy.


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Asthma Inhaler use for swimmers


Guidance on the use of Asthma Inhalers/relievers during training.

It has come to our notice that many swimmers are bringing inhalers poolside.

Please ensure that your child brings their inhaler if it is required and adhere to the following:



  1. Please place the inhaler /spacer in a clear plastic bag, (freezer type). Label the bag and/or inhaler clearly with the child’s name.
  2. Ensure your child is competent to self- administer.
  3. Ensure that you have informed the club during registration of your child’s condition.
  4. Ensure that any changes to your child’s health or medical condition are noted by our secretary Anne Blundell and/or Head Coach Terry Boardman.
  5. The swimmer is to place their bagged inhaler in the basket provided poolside for the duration of their session. This should help everyone to take their inhaler with them at the end of the session.
  6. It is the parents/swimmer’s responsibility to ensure they bring their inhaler as necessary, as the club does not carry any spare devices.


Thank you for your cooperation


Carol Leitner                           Terry Boardman

Welfare                    and          Head Coach.



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