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SWIM CONWY AUTUMN MEET October 21st & 21nd October 2023

Some amazing swims, lots of PBs and a large haul of medals, the team did superbly well and were a credit to the club, huge well done to all the swimmers, many making Swim Wales Winter National times and Swim Regional times, coaches Lorna Clarke, team manager Kerry Johnson and Sarah Davies and officials Marshals who helped out at this meet, Mags Pascal, Colin Park, Emma Park, Dave Rich, apologies if I missed anyone. Sorry no medal count as the Team Manager app was not working for the morning sessions.

The Team :- Clemmie Batt , Oliver Bebb, Harry Bennell, Jenaya Carr, Rocco Carr, Tomas Clarke, Ellen Davies, Sean Davies, Charlie de Haan, George Donnan, Sian Evans, Zac Hewitt, Poppy Johnson, Jay Jones, Nela Jones, Noah Walker Jones, Oliver Langridge, Patrick McCullagh, Luca Owen, Reggie Park, Megan Pearson, Ffion Rich, Tilly Rimmer, Jenna Scholze, Georgia Wade-Jones.

WREXHAM BONFIRE MEET Sunday November 5th

A small team of 5 youngsters travelled to the Wrexham Waterworld Leisure Centre, some competing in their first swimming gala and they did the club proud, all swimmers gave some super performances, hitting PBs and winning some well earned medals, Big thank you to Phil Lovell who helped marshal and Trudie Potter Team Manger.

The Team :- Charlie de Haan (2 Silvers , 1 Bronze and 1 Fifth, 4 PBs) Betsy Jones (1 Silver, 1 Sixth, 2 PBs) Amber Nash ( 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 2 PBs) Finley Potter (2 Bronze, 1 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 1 PB) Isabelle Skippon (1 PB)

HOLYWELL HALLOWEEN MEET Saturday 28th October 2023

A fun filled home Gala brought teams from all over the North West to compete at our Geoff Drew Halloween Meet, Lots of fun as usual with all the teams singing and dancing during the breaks. Huge thank you to all clubs who took party and the volunteers who help out we wouldn’t be able to hold these amazing events without you , it is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Phil Lovell, Joe Allen for all the prep work you do, and your teams, i.e. Dawn Powell and Jay Nash who did announcing, Dave Rich, Gareth Rimmer, Nigel Austin, Andy Jones, for setting up and running the timing system ( swimmers Jay Jones, Cerys Park, Luca Owen and Tom Clarke for helping with the pads). Shop Michelle Jones . All the back room helpers ie Medal table etc Katie de Haan , Susan Roscoe, Ceri Bennell, those on the door Alison Langridge, Debbie Boardman , Raffle Alison Langridge , help desk Sarah Davies, Team managers Kerry Johnson and Bethan Venning, Time Keepers Dave Rich, Zoe Jones, Colin Park and Cerys Park. coaches Lorna and Charlotte, marshals Nicky Jones, Milly Jones, Mark Donnan, and Rosie’s Café who supplied the food for officials volunteers and coaches, apologies if i missed anyone.

Holywell’s Team :- Amelia Atkins (1 Gold , 1 Silver, 2 PBs), Charlotte Batt (1 Fifth 2 PBs), Clemmie Batt (1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 2 Fourth’s, 1 Fifth, 5 PBs), Ieuan Blackwell (1 PB), Theo Camplejohn (1 Fourth, 1 PB), Jenaya Carr (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Fourth, 3 PBs), Rocco Carr (4 Silvers 5 PBs), Tomas Clarke (1 Gold, 1 PB), Ellen Davies (3 Gold 1 Silver, 4 PBs), Lucy Davies (3 PBs), Charlie de Haan (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 PBs), George Donnan ( 1 Bronze, 1 Sixth 1 PB) , Sian Evans (2 Gold, 1 Fourth), Lottie Frost (1 Bronze , 1 Sixth, 2 PBs) Zac Hewitt ( 3 Bronze, 3 PBs), Poppy Johnson (2 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 PB), Jay Jones , Gethin Jones ( 1 Bronze, 1 Fourth, 1 Fifth, 4 PBs) Jay Jones (1 Gold, 1 Slver, 1 PB) Josh Jones (1 Bronze, 1 Fourth, 1 PB) Rhys Jones (1 PB) Noah Walker Jones ( Golds , 1 Silver, 4 PBs) Oliver Langridge (2 Fourths, 2 PBs) Henry Law ( 1 Bronze , 1 Sixth, 3 PBs), Joe Lunt-Sullivan ( 1 Bronze , 1 PB) Emily M’Keown (1 Gold , 1PB) Patrick McCullagh (1 Silver, 4 Bronze, 5 PBs) Noah McKeown (1 Fifth, 1 PB) Beth Morris (1 Bronze, 1 Sixth, 1 PB) Amber Nash (1 Gold , 1 Silver , 1 Bronze, 3 PBs) Luca Owen (2 Gold , 1 Silver, 1 Fourth, 4 PBs), Reggie Park (4 Golds, 1 Silver, 5 PBs), Megan Pearson ((1 Bronze, 2 Fifths, 1 Sixth, 1 PB) Thomas Powell, Ffion Rich (2 Fifths 1 PB), Tilly Rimmer (3 PBs) Seren Roberts ( 1PB) , Jenna Scholze (3 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Fifth) , Isabelle Skippon (2 PBs) Ellen Tew ( 2 PBs) Sophie Venning (1 Gold, 2 Bronze, 2 Fourths, 3 PBs) Thomas Venning (1 Fourth, 3 PBs) Georgia Wade-Jones (1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 Fifth, 2 PBs) Julia Waszak (2 Sixths, 4 PBs) Emily Weir (1 PB)

ARENA ROUND TWO Saturday 11th 2023 November

Another brilliant performance at Ellesmere Port Leisure Centre in the second round of the Arena League on Saturday 11th November, the team finished 4th on the day helping the team make the Final on the 9th December by finish 5th out of 16 teams across North Wales and the North West of England, some big teams competed in our league the 16 teams are :- Blackburn Centurions , Holywell, COSACSS ( City of Stoke), Middlesbrough, Leyland Barracudas A, Carnforth Otters, Halton, Burnley Bobcats, Bebington, Prescot, Kendal, Carlisle Aquatics, Hoylake, Oswestry Otters, Garston, ORCA (Oldham).

Fantastic support from the team again helped the team put in some amazing performances from both our senior swimmers and our younger swimmers. special thanks to Tilly, Amber, Noa, Poppy, Owi, Daisy and Amber. Now looking forward to the Final in Darwen on the 9th December.

The Team :- Clemmie Batt, Oliver Bebb, Harry Bennell, Jenaya Carr, Rocco Car, Amber Chauhan, Tomas Clarke, Ellen Davies, Sean Davies, Charlie de Haan, George Donnan, Sian Evans, Tilly Hellfeld, Zac Hewitt, Poppy Johnson, Jay Jones (Captain), Nela Jones, Noah Walker Jones, Oliver Langridge, Patrick McCullagh, Medi Mellor, Luca Owen, Reggie Park, Megan Pearson (Captain), Ffion Rich, Tilly Rimmer, Jenna Scholze, Georgia Wade-Jones, Noa Williams, Owi Williams, Poppy Williams, Daisy Williams, Coaches Lorna Clarke, Charlotte Atkins and Team Manager Jo Allen.

REGIONAL SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIPS Fri 24th – Sat 25th – Sun 26th November 2023

The meet was held at Llandudno Leisure Centre, 29 Holywell swimmers competed and did amazingly well, some fantastic swims from all age groups, special thanks to Phil Lovell, Dave Rich and Cerys Park Time Keeper, and Emma Park and Poppy Johnson Marshals. also a big thank you to Olwen and her team, all the officials and volunteers who help make the Regionals run so smoothly. Coaches :- Terry, Lorna Clarke , Charlotte Atkins and Team Manager Sarah Davies were proud of all the swimmers who did a great job.

The Team :- Amelia Atkins (7 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Fourth, 13 PBs), Clemmie Batt (1 Seventh, 3 Eighth 6 PBs), Harry Bennell (3 PBs) Jenaya Carr (1 Fourth, 3 Fifths, 3 Sixths, Sevenths, 1 Eighth, 9 PBs), Rocco Carr (2 PBs) , Cam Chan (2 Gold, 2 Fourth, 1 PBs) , Tomas Clarke (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Fifth ) , Ellen Davies (1 Eighth, 5 PBs) , Lucy Davies ( 4 PBs) , Sean Davies (1 PBs) , George Donnan (1 Bronze 1 Fifth, 1 Seventh, 1 Eighth , 4 PBs), Sian Evans (5 Silver, 1 Fifth, 1 Seventh, 4 PBs), Lottie Frost ( 2 PBs) , Zac Hewitt (1 Fourth, 1 Seventh, 2 PBs) , Poppy Johnson (1 Bronze, 1 Sixth, 2 Sevenths, 2 PBs), Jay Jones (2 silver, 1 Fifth, 3 Eighth, 2 PBs) , Oliver Langridge (1 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 2 Sevenths, 1 Eighth, 4 PBs), Henry Law , Patrick McCullagh (2 PBs) , Luca Owen (1 silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Fifth, 2 Sixths, 1 Eighth, 9 PBs) , Francesca Owen-Hatfield (1 Gold, 2 Forth, 2 Sixths, 2 Sevenths, 1 PBs) , Reggie Park ( 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Fourth, 1 Fifth, 4 Sixths, 1 Seventh, 12 PBs), Megan Pearson (1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 Sixth, 3 PBs) , Finley Potter (2 Silver, 1 Sixth, 6 PBs), Elinor Rich (3 silver, 1 Bronze, 2 Fifth, 2 PBs), Ffion Rich (1 PBs), Tilly Rimmer , Jenna Scholze (1 silver, 1 Fourth, 3 Fifths, 1 Sixth) , Sophie Venning (7 PBs)


Arena Final coming up soon 9th December, please tick off your availability on the club notice board.

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