Gala code of conduct

Holywell Swimming Club typically attends competitions with a good size team and we like to make our presence felt both in and out of the pool. The Club has has an excellent reputation to uphold and how we behave at meets has a great bearing on this. The swimmers benefit from superb poolside support from the coaching staff, from parent spectators, and from Club volunteers, and their common objective is to achieve the best possible results for each individual. To ensure everything runs smoothly the club needs everyone to observe the following:

  • Swimmers should arrive on time, wearing the club kit, and with sufficient drinks and healthy snacks to last for the session.
  • Swimmers should be prepared -know the events they are swimming, and have all the necessary equipment.
  • Only coaches decide whether a swimmer can withdraw from an event.
  • Swimmers should remain on poolside at all times unless agreed with their coach.
  • Swimmers must treat all officials, coaches, helpers, parents and fellow competitors with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Swimmers should talk to their coach, not their parents, for feedback after each race.
  • Parents are not allowed poolside unless in an emergency. Any issues should be discussed with the coach during the session breaks.
  • Parents should show full support for the club and swimmers at all times.
  • Warm-up before the event. Prepare yourself for the race. Warm up properly by swimming, not playing, stopping in the lane. Turning practice should have taken place during your normal training sessions.
  • Swimmer should stay with the team on poolside. If you leave for any reason you must tell the Coach and Team Manager where you are going.
  • Swimmers should listen to the team manager when asked to speak to the coach and head to marshalling. Go to the marshalling area in time and report in. Take your hat and goggles with you.
  • Swimmers should support their team mates. Everyone likes to be supported.
  • Swimmers should Swim-Down after the race, if possible. Do not use this time to play.
  • All club members should dispose of any rubbish and leave poolside and spectator areas clean and tidy.

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