(carbs) are key; however there are two types;

  •  Simple   = cakes, buns, chocolate, fruit, sweets…

Quick fix therefore takes 2-1hours before swim for energy burst but it doesn’t last

  • Complex = pasta, rice, potatoes, cereals, veg…

Best source of energy and give you lasting energy which you store


Protein and Calcium for development

  • Males are growing and developing till ~21
  • Females are growing and developing till ~18
  • With training there is an increased need for protein and calcium.
  • Aim for a pint of milk a day, or ½ pint and 2 yoghurts


All swimmers should follow a low fat diet. Low fat levels help us move through water faster.

Tips to reduce Saturated Fat

  • Choose low fat milk, cheese, yoghurt.
  • Avoid fried foods and takeaways.
  • Grill meats; don’t eat fat & chicken skin.
  • Use margarine thinly.
  • Choose low fat biscuits and snacks.
  • Read & use food labels to eat low fat


Recovery advice

  • The sooner after training/competition the better
  • Eat or drink
  • If you know it’s a while before tea, be prepared; milkshakes, sports drinks, cereal bars, fruit (Kit bags)


Nutrition for Competition

  • What we eat 1-2 days before the comp that counts
  • Increase portion size slightly
  • High carb meal the night before
  • High carb breakfast
  • Increase fluid
  • Plenty of sleep (9-10 hours)

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