Wrexham Crystal Meet

This meet is a very important meet for our swimmers starting out who have no times  for any of the four strokes because they have never entered a gala  before and got a time for how long it took them to swim that particular stroke and  distance.

To enter a Gala normally you need to have a time for swimming any stroke and distance, to have the opportunity to swim at a gala that requires no times does not happen very often and if you do not enter a no time gala you may have to wait a long time before another gala that accepts no times comes along.

The Crystal meet is a perfect opportunity to gain times which will then enable you to enter other gala’s in the future. There are entry forms on the noticeboard which you can fill and give to Nigel (Coach) over the weekend who will pass them on as this gala fills very quickly and will close within a short period of accepting entries which will be from tomorrow.

If you are unsure or need any help or advice then please email or text Vicki or Anne who will be more than happy to help!

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