Aug 02 2018

Welsh Summer Development meet 2018


Some fantastic swims from our youngster at the Welsh Summer Development Meet, the five swimmers came away with an impressive 10 PBs from 11 races,

Amazing swims from Tomas Clarke, 1 Bronze, 2 Forth placings and a Fifth. Tomas had 4 PBs. The best of the day for Tomas was in the 200m IM with 21.19 seconds drop, and an equally impressive swim in the 200m Freestyle dropping 17.09 seconds.

Ella Jones-Cunnah and Amelia Wade-Jones, both had great PBs in the 100m Freestyle uncannily achieving the exact same PB difference of 8.21 seconds.  Amelia went on to swim the 100m Breaststroke and took off 6.61 seconds. Great swims Girls.

With the arrival of a VERY nervous Milly Jones the team only became stronger, Milly swam 2 races in the 100m Brs and the 100m Back, Milly had PBs in both races making swimmer and coach very happy. Well done Milly.

Thomas Priestley had a fantastic swim in the 100m Breaststroke taking of an incredible 14.93 seconds off his PB time, this gave Thomas, a well-earned 7th placing from 36 swimmers from all over the UK. great swim Thomas.

The Team:-  Tomas Clarke, Emily Jones, Ella Jones-Cunnah, Thomas Priestley and Amelia Wade-Jones.





Photo :-

Amelia and Ella celebrating Tomas’s success in his Bronze medal win.






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