Feb 01 2018


Due to the Regionals over the next two weekends there will be no early morning training Thursday mornings and no land training Friday nights or Saturday mornings.

Any Officials who can help and have not yet contacted Stuart or Olwen can you please do so they are desperate for Officials.

Saturday 10th Feb Chris Clements will be holding a New Judge 1  Course please see Anne if you are interested in attending.

Sunday 11th Feb Chris will be holding a new Judge 2 course again please see Anne if you are interested in attending.

The car park now takes the new £1 coin and also takes card payment.

The lockers in the changing rooms have been changed from £1 returnable to 20p non returnable which means every time the locker gets open you will need to put a new 20p in to lock it again.

Warm Up Times

Session 1  Friday         02.02.2018    Warm Up at  5pm

Session 2 Saturday   03.02.2018     Warm Up at  9am            Starts at 9.35am

Session 3 Saturday   03.02.2018     Warm Up at  12.15pm      Starts at 1.05pm

Session 4 Saturday   03.02.2018     Warm Up at   3pm           Starts at 4.05pm

Session 5 Sunday     04.02.2018      Warm Up at   9am          Starts at 9.35am

Session 6 Sunday     04.02.2018      Warm Up at  12.15pm     Starts at 1.05pm

Session 7 Sunday     04.02.2018      Warm Up at  3pm            Starts at 4.05pm


Session 8 Friday       09.02.2018       Warm Up at  5pm

Session 9 Saturday  10.02.2018        Warm Up at  8.45am      Starts at 9.35am

Session 10 Saturday 10.02.2018        Warm Up at 12.05pm      Starts at 12.25pm

Session 11 Saturday  10.02.2018        Warm Up at 3.30pm        Starts at 4.35pm

Session 12 Sunday    11.02.2018         Warm Up at 9.15am         Starts at 9.30am

Session 13 Sunday    11.02.2018         Warm Up at 12.30pm      Starts at 1.35pm

Session 14 Sunday    11.02.2018         Warm Up at 3.45pm       Starts at 4.35pm

Please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before Warm Up.  Good Luck to Everyone!!

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