Mar 28 2018

March Swimming Up-Date

At the End of February Nicola Latty and Phil Burchell competed at the at the North West Masters championships in Blackpool, Nicola came away with 2 Gold medals in the 400 free and 400 IM, Phil won 3 Golds, 50m and 200m  Breaststroke and then broke his own 200m Welsh fly record for the 3rd successive time taking 4.4 seconds off the time.

British Championships Edinburgh

March started off with the British Championships, Liv Davies and Molly Martin who both qualified for the meet, Sadie Lee and Ella Williams both made Consideration times. Due to Red weather warnings, only Liv made the trip up North to Edinburgh in heavy snow brought into the UK by the Beast from the East, Liv competed in the 50m, 100, and 200m breaststroke. some good solid swims from Liv who was cheered on via live streaming on the British Swimming website by her teammates. Well done girls keep moving up that performance ladder.


Coaches Development training at Llandudno 

Holywell coaches attended a Swim Wales Backstroke Clinic at Llandudno Leisure Centre on the 10th of March, over the 4 hrs we covered Backstroke drill progressions and activation and mobilisation stretching exercises, this is the second course in a series on all strokes and will help our swimmers move to the next level.


Wrexham Crystal Meet

A small team of 11 swimmers competed at the Wrexham Crystal Meet on Sunday the 18th of March, the team came away with 6 Gold, 6 Silver, 7 Bronze,  one 4th and two 6th places totaling 22 medals and they also achieved an impressive 32 PBs.

Great swims from Ethan Cameron, Steven Evans, and Zac Hewitt who earned themselves the top boy awards in their age groups, well-done boys.

The team : Ethan Cameron (2 Gold-1 Silver- 2 Bronze Yop Boy Award & 5 PBs), Emilie Cartlidge (1 Silver – 2 Bronze – 1 Sixth & 5 PBs), Harriet Davies (2 PBs), Cora Evans, Steven Evans  (3 Gold – 2 Silver – Top Boy Award  & 3 PBs), Daniel Harvey (2 Bronze & 2 PBs), Shannon Harvey ( 1 PB), Zac Hewitt (1 Gold – 2 Silver – 1 Bronze  -Top Boy Award & 4 PBs), Sian Kitchen (2 PBs), Thomas Priestley, (3 PBs) Elinor Rich (1 Forth – 1 Sixth & 5 PBs).


Stockport Metro British Qualifiers

An excellent meet for our swimmers to  start the British qualifying window with some great swims at Stockport on the 23rd-24th-25th of march

Finals were for the 100m swims, all were in individual age groups with the exception of the 15 and over.

The Team:  showing top 8 placings

Elinor Rich,  Emilie Cartlidge (7th in 100m Fc) Ffion Austin (2nd 200 Fly, 5th in 100m Fc & 50m Bk), Georgia Wade-Jones (6th in 100m Bk), Hannah Simpson (3rd in 50 Bk, 50 Fc &  100Fc, 4th in 100m Bk), Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal (8th in the 100m Brs Final, 3rd in 50 Bk,  4th in 200m Brs & 400m IM,  6th in 400m Fc, 8th in 50m Fc), Katie Allen (7th in the 100m Brs Final, 1st in 50m Brs, 3rd in 200m Brs 200m IM & 50m Bk,  4th in 50m Fc,  5th in 800m Fc, 8th in 100m Bk ), Molly Martin ( 2nd in the 100m  Brs  15+over Final ,  1st 50m Brs, 1st in the 200m Brs, 4th in 50m Fly, 6th in 50m Fc, 7th in 200m Fc, ), Olivia Davies (1st in the 100b Bk Final, 1st in 50 Fly, 3rd in 50m Fc & 200m Bk,  4th in 200m IM), Sadie Lee (3rd in 50m Fc 6th 200m Fc ), Tomos Williams (6th in 100m Fc & Bk, 7th in 200m Fc & Bk),                      No Medals are Awarded at this Meet

Well done to Ellie Williams from Rhyl Dolphins who sat with the team (2nd in the 100m Fly, 3rd in 50m Fly, 5th in 400m Fc, 6th in 200m Fly, 8th in 100m Fc)

Well done to Liv Davies and Katie Allen in qualifying for the Skins Challange, Liv had to leave after the morning session so did not compete,  Katie won £5.


Next up for the team is the Easter Nationals in Swansea, the team will be swimming on the 30th-31st of March and 1st & 2nd of April to end a busy March schedule.

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