Jul 02 2018

Holywell Summer Sprints — A Hot Success

     Holywell Summer Sprints Update

The temperature sored at our summer sprint meet was as expected on the weekend and the Holywell gala team did a great job in their attempt to keep it under control, the swims from both Holywell and the visiting clubs were as a sprint meet should be FAST FAST FAST. The atmosphere was great, teams were dancing and singing poolside in the interval, and cheering their teammates on during the racing, all in all, a great day. 42 Holywell swimmers did a super job at this late stage of the season swimming exceptionally well.

Holywell Swim Team: In alphabetical order,

Katie Allen (2G, 1S, 2 Fourths, 1 Sixth) Jac Armstrong(1S, 1B, 1 Fifth 2 Sixth) Ffion Austin (8 G, 1 Silver, 1 PB) Will Baker ( 8 PBs) Quinn Bodie (1 G, 1 PB) Ethan Cameron (5 G, 2 S, 1 PB) Emilie Cartlidge ( 1G, 2B, 3 Fifth, 2PBs) Tomas Clarke (1G, 1S, 1B, 2 Forth, 1 Fifth, 4PBs) Harriet Davies (5 PBs) Liv Davies (3G, 2S, 2B, ) Cora Evans (1 PB) Steven Evans (5G, 1S, 2B, 2PBs) Victoria Flynn-Guy (1 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 4PBs) Bobi Griffiths (1PB) Deri Griffiths (3 Fifths, 5PBs) Luke Hall ( 1 Sixth, 9 PBs) Daniel Harvey (2 sixth, 2 PBs) Shannon Harvey (2 Fifth, 2 Sixth, 4 PBs) Zac Hewitt (3G, 2S, 2B, 4PBs) Matthew Johnson (1B, 1 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 4 PBs) Ffion Jones (1S, 1 Forth,) Millie Jones (1B, 1 Forth, 2 Sixth, 6 PBs) Seren Jones (4 PBs) Ella Jones-Cunnah (2 Forths, 1 Sixth, 7PBs) Sian Kitchen (1PB) Sadie Lee ( 2G 1S) Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal ( 8 G, 1 S, 7PBs) Molly Martin ( 3 G, 1 S, 2PBs) Cameron McKendrick ( 2 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 2 PGs) Evan Merton ( 1 Gold, 2 Bronze, 1 Forth) Luca Owen 1 Fifth, 1 Sixth) Thomas Preistley (2 Forths, 2PBs) Elinor Rich (4 Forths, 1 Sixth, 5 PBs) Lewis Roberts (1PB) Rhys Roberts (1G, 1 S, 4 B, 6PBs) Emma Rowlands (1 Fifth, 5 PBs) Hannah Simpson (1 G,  2B,  1 Forth) Georgia Wade-Jones ( 2G, 3 Forth, 3 Sixth, 4 PBs) Lily Westerman (1 S, 1 Sixth, 2 PBs) Jess Williams 2 Fifths, 1PB) Tom Williams ( 2S, 3B, 1 Fifth, 1PB) Lotty Woolley ( 1S, 2B, 1 Forth, 1 Sixth)

Teams Medal Total = 47 Gold, 21 Silver, 24 Bronze, 16 Forths, 23 Fifths, 21 Sixths –  an impressive  152 Medals and 110 PBs.

Top Boy and Top Girl awards were also won by some of our swimmers. Well done  Liv Davies, Ffion Austin, Zac Hewitt, Steven Evans, Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal, Ethan Cameron.

11 records broken, 9 records set at this meet, three by Wrexham swimmers, 2 by Ruby Jones and 1 set by Gethin Williams. Holywell set the other 6. Holywell swimmers: Liv Davies 100 Bk,  Ethan Cameron 100FC, Molly Martin 50m Brs & 100Brs. Molly and Liv came 1st and 2nd in the 100IM both breaking the 100IM record with the record going to Molly.  Sadie and Molly came 1st and 2nd in the 100m FC both breaking the 100m FC record with the record going to Sadie.

Finally, can I say a huge thank you to all the Holywell gala team.

The Team:  Sue H, Anne B. Kathryn W, Barbra S,  Jo A, Tina, Wendy C, Mags L-P, Katy W, Matt A,  Nigel A,  Ged H, Phil L-P,  Dave R, Sandra R, Debbie B, Beth H, Paul L, Sioned J, Michelle D, Daniel E, Mandy J, Zoe J, Carol L, Lorna Clarke,  And all our coaches Helen E, Andrea H, Ros C, Dave J and Geoff B.

Thanks to Leisure centre manager Chris and all the centre staff, the cafe employees for the amazing lunch refreshments,  ref Chris Clements and all the officials who help out from other clubs.

if I have missed anyone, apologies.

For the full Holywell Sprint results, team scores, top boy/girl, full results and Hytek File:- please click on the link below.

Full Summer Sprints Zip FileLink

We look forward to seeing everyone at our 2018 Geoff Drew Meet in October.


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