Feb 05 2018

Club Members, our AGM Thursday 15th Feb @7PM.

Club Members: HASC AGM will be held on Thursday 15th February 2018  at 7 PM in The Community Studio at Holywell Leisure Centre.

Details regarding the AGM, along with nomination sheets are on the Club notice board, you will also find guidance regarding roles and the skill sets that are required to undertake. If you wish to know more about the roles please speak to any of the current committee members. Should more than one candidate be nominated and seconded, candidates will be required to make available to the club a brief document outlining to Club members the qualities and experience they will bring to that position.This is to aid voting members to reach an informed decision when casting their votes. In the case of two or more candidates, voting will be carried out by ballot rather than a show of hands. The Club is aware that when an  AGM is to be held it can be an unsettling time for Club Members, there is a period of uncertainty. It is important to be focused on continuing Club business effectively as our Swimmers need to train and compete. To do this effectively they require a strong and stable environment. It is, therefore, requested that adult members facilitate a smooth transition by demonstrating to our younger members that change can be made smoothly and without adverse effects. Adult members should demonstrate skills in positive change management. Focusing on appointing members that will maintain and develop HASC in the future.


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