Back Training After Summer Break, Information on the Returning to the Pool. (Questions answered)

As we return to the pool after our summer break on Monday the 16th August we have had a lot of questions from parents, please see information below.

DO WE STILL NEED TO WEAR MASKS : The centre have informed us that that we will still need to wear face masks when entering the building, so we carry on as before,

CAN PARENTS GO UP ON THE BALCONY : The Centre are not allowing parents up onto the balcony yet, the are hoping to allow public and our parents onto the balcony to spectate at the beginning of September with no restrictions.

DO WE STILL ENTER THROUGH THE BACK ENTERANCE OF THE BUILDING: : Parents and swimmers can now enter and leave through the front of the building, the one way system has now ended. We only need to leave through the back way if the centre is closed to the public i.e. on Sundays when we leave.

WILL WE STILL BE USING CHAIRS POOLSIDE: Yes we will keep using the chairs poolside until the beginning of September.

ARE WE STILL COVID CLEANING: Yes we will continue to help the centre between and after sessions with cleaning/sanitising of cubicles and chairs.

So it looks like we will lift more restrictions at the beginning of September, we will keep everyone updated when we have more information. If anyone has any additional questions please email Terry on or ask one of the coaches or committee members at the pool who will be glad to help.

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