Wrexham’s Bonfire Meet Report

Sunday 14th November, Wrexham’s Bonfire Meet, held at the Waterworld pool, 20 Holywell Swimmers entered the meet, medals were awarded to the top 6 swimmers and Holywell came away with 36 medals and 32 PBs.

The team were really supportive of each other which is great to see, lots of cheering, shouting and clapping, all the swimmers gave great performances with some big personal best times achieved,

The Team:- (Katie Allen 5th & 2 x 6th), (Amelia Atkins 2 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 x 5th, 3 PBs), (Clemmie Batt 1 PB), (Tomas Clarke, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 2 PBs), (Abbi Frost, 1 PB), (Milly Jones, 5th & 2x6th), (Isla Jones, 5th, 3 PBs), (Nela Jones, 1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 PB), (Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal, 3 Gold, 2 Bronze, 2 PBs), (Luca Owen, 6th,), (Alexandra Owen-Hatfield, 2 Gold), (Francesca Owen-Hatfield, 1 Silver, 2 x 4th, 3 PBs), (Megan Pearson, 2 PBs), (Finley Potter, 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 PBs), (Rhian Powell, 1 PB), (Elinor Rich), (Rhys Roberts, Bronze, 4th, 1 PB), (Georgia Wade-Jones, 4t

Holywell Team @ Wrexham Bonfire Meet

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