Swimmers Subs & Gala Fees

I am sure a number of you have questions on subs/gala fees so I would like to be upfront, open and honest with everyone and share some information with you.

FEES: Unfortunately payments for the Bangor Diddy gala have already been taken but credits will be issued for all entries.

SWIMMERS SUBS: Swimmers fees are paid in arrears, invoices are generated on the 16th of every month which takes us up until the 22nd of the month, fees don’t hit the Club account until the 29th of each month.

Following Terry’s briefing last night, all swimming sessions have been suspended effective from the 18th March

I can appreciate that you might question if swim sessions from the 18th March to the 22nd March will be reimbursed, This is not an easy quick task to do, it would mean looking at every swimmer individually, working out from monthly fees the individual cost per swim and reissuing individual credits on every account. I would like to reiterate at this point that all our roles on the committee are voluntary and we give our time freely, but I believe under the circumstances, as a Member Club, this is a big ask.

What I do ask for is your support during this uncertain time and at the point that swimming is reinstated, as a Committee, we will do something for the swimmers to compensate for this. It is also a perfect time to refer back to Bethan’s briefing explaining that finances have been stretched and we are doing our very best for the club.

If anyone has any further questions/queries, please come back to me.

Kate Thomas.


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