Super Team Effort @ Wrexham’s Crystal Meet

Sunday the 13th march, 16 Holywell swimmers descended on Wrexham’s Water World Pool. The Holywell swimmers support for their team mates was second to none, as a coach it was fantastic to see the swimmers enjoy the day so much, the top squad swimmers made a few more Welsh National times and the younger swimmers did amazingly well with Amelia Atkin winning top girl in her age group, all the younger swimmers doing so well means the future looks great for the club. Future 12 and under stars Clemmie Batt, Sophie Venning, Thomas Venning, Amelia Atkins, Finley Potter, Rhian Powell, Olivia Smith, Lucia Bartlett and Francesca Owen-Hatfield did superbly well with a special shout out to Thomas Venning, Thomas dived in and his goggles came off, he continued to swim without touching his goggles and came a way with a well deserved 4th place medal.

Top Holywell Youngsters Lucia, Sophie, Amelia, Clemmie, Finley and Olivia

Thomas with His Medals

Amelia Wins Top Girl Award

The Team:- Amelia Atkins (4 Gold, 1 Fifth, 4 PBs) Lucia Bartlett (1 PB) – Clemmie Batt (2 Silver, 1 Forth, 1 Fifth, 5 PBs) – Emily Jones (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, 4 PBs) – Jay Jones (1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 PB) – Evan Merton (1 Gold, 1 Sixth, 2 PBs) – Alexandra Owen-Hatfield (2 Gold,) Francesca Owen-Hatfield ( 2 Gold, 2 PBs) – Megan Pearson ( 1 PB) Finley Potter (4 Silver, 4 PBs ) – Rhian Powell ( 1PB) – Hannah Simpson ( 2 Bronze) – Olivia Smith (2 PBs) Sophie Venning (2 Gold, 2 PBs) – Thomas Venning ( 1 Forth, 1 Sixth, 2 PBs) – Emily Williams (3 Gold, 1 Silver)

15 Golds – 11 Silver – 2 Bronze – 2 Forth – 2 Fifth – 2 Sixth Totalling 34 medals.

The team are looking forward to competing at our Daffodil meet this Saturday and Sunday.

Remember Holywell warm up for the Daffodil will be from 8am – 9am. Good luck to all those taking part.

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