October – Review – Arena League and our own Geoff Drew gala.

Arena Round 1 at Ellesmere Port on the 12th of October went very well with the team sitting 2nd so far in Division 2, some amazing swims and great team support helped the team to 248 points, Round 2 will be at Ellesmere Port again on the 9th November. Good luck team

Arena, Division 2, Round 1, Results

The Team

Ffion Austin, Ella Williams, Emily Jones, Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal, Gwenan Williams, Francesca Owen-Hatfield, Laura Adamson, Tomas Clarke, Zac Hewitt, Quinn Boddie, Oliver Langridge, Georgia Wade Jones, Elinor Rich, Alexandra Owen-Hatfield, Evan Merton, Daniel Harvey, Thomas Croston, Charlotte Woolley, Emilie Cartlidge, Ethan Cameron, Rhys Roberts, Deri Griffiths, Hannah Simpson, Tomos Williams, & Geoff Boddie.


Geoff Drew meet 27th October 2019

27 Swimmers took part in the Geoff Drew on Sunday the 27th and the team amassed 38 Golds, 13 Silvers, 6 Bronze medals and 53 Personal best times. The meet was well attended and the atmosphere was fantastic, Records were broken by sisters Alexandra and Francesca Owen-Hatfield, Emily Williams, Tomas Clarke, Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal and Evan Merton. A great start to the season for the team.

The Team:- Laura Adamson (1 PB), Ethan Cameron (2 Silver), Emilie Cartlidge 2 Gold & 1 PB), Tomas Clarke (2 Gold, 2 Silver & 3 PBs), Thomas Croston (3 Gold 1 Silver & 3 PBs), Ellen Davies (3 Gold, 1 Silver & 3 PBs), Victoria Flynn-Guy, Zac Hewitt (1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 PB), Ffion Johnson (5 PBs), Poppy Johnson (1 Gold & 1 PB), Caitlyn Jones (1 Gold), Isla Jones (3 PBs), Oliver Langridge (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze, & 2 PBs), Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal (3 Gold & 4 PBs), Summer Martin (1 Gold, & 1 PB), Evan Merton (2 Gold, 1 Silver, & 3 PBs), Luca Owen (1 Gold, 2 Silver, & 3 PBs), Alexandra Owen-Hatfield ( 2 Gold & 2 PBs), Francesca Owen-Hatfield (3 Gold & 4 PBs), Elinor Rich (3 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze & 4 PBs), Ffion Rich ( 1 Silver & 2 PBs) Lowri Thomas (1 Bronze & 2 PBs), Morgan Thomas ( 1 Gold & 2 PBs), Georgia Wade-Jones (3 Golds, 1 Bronze & 1 PB), Lily Westerman ( 2 PBs) Emily G Williams (4 Gold Medals) Lotty Woolley (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)



We have just attended the Bangor club championships, Bangor kindly replied the offer we gave to them and offer our swimmers the chance to attend their Club champs. The Holywell swimmers were competing as exhibition swimmers and swam 46 PBs all swimmers received participation medals and their times added to the ASA Swim Rankings.

The Team:- Ugne Abracinskaite (3 Pbs), Emilie Cartlidge (1 PB), Tomas Clarke (2 PBs), Thomas Croston (3 Pbs), Finley Hewitt (1 PB), Zac Hewitt (1 PB), Ffion Johnson (5 PBs), Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal (7 PBs), Ceri Owen (2 PBs), Jacob Owen (3 PBs), Luca Owen (4 PBs), Alexandra Owen-Hatfield (3 PBs), Francesca Owen-Hatfield (4 PBs), Rhys Roberts (6PBs), Lily Westerman (1 PB).


What’s next

Round 2 Arena League

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November the 9th is Round 2 in the Arena League again it is at Ellesmere Port, However a lot of the teams are different and will bring us a new challenge. Swimmers need to arrive at 4:30 pm as Warm-up starts at 5:00 pm

Arena Round 2 @ Ellesmere Port on 9th November 2019





Sub-Regional Championships will be taking place on the 22nd – 23rd & 24th of November @ the Llandudno Pool. Good luck to all those taking part.


Parents, please remember the date 29th November for the clubs Annual General Meeting, this will be taking place in the Leisure’s Community Centre Studio @ 7pm.

If you are interested in joining the committee and making our 50th Anniversary year a huge success, please check out the notice board for roles being made available, put your name forward for selection at the AGM on the 29th, add your name to the list.

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