Notice: Pre-Post Stretching From Coaching and Welfare

Notice from Welfare and Coaching:

Swimmers and Parents in respect of our stretching exercises pre and post swimming.
From Monday 3rd December the following must be adhered to:
Girls– shorts to be worn over your swimwear with optional t-shirts. 

Arena Drag Shorts

If wearing racing suits that are at a knee-length leg, these are deemed suitable attire and therefore shorts are optional as are T-shirts.

Aqua Style Swim Shorts

Boys– if wearing brief-style trunks, shorts to be worn over. 
Jammers or Aqua shorts are deemed suitable attire and shorts are optional, T-shirt recommended.
If you wish to purchase HASC Team drag shorts they are available from Jo or Wendy,  priced at  £15.00.
Other kit including T-Shirts are also available.
Alternatively, you can provide your own.
There will be limited spare kit available to those that need it poolside for a limited time.
Please note Coaches and Welfare will insist that you adhere to the above and if not properly attired you will not be able to train.
Welfare and Coaching.

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