Jun 27 2018

Message on Hydration From the Head Coach


As temperatures sore into the 30s, it is very important to keep well-hydrated. Training in high temperatures will make you sweat more meaning you need to take in more fluids. the loss of electrolytes can quickly dehydrate you.

Symptoms of dehydration below taken from the NHS information site, if you have any of the following highlighted in bold and feel ill you should go to A&E or if you have a fit or seizure call 999

  1. Headaches,
  2. Feeling unusually tired no energy and irritable.
  3. Confusion and disorientation
  4. You have an unusually weak or rapid pulse when at rest.
  5. Rapid heart rate and breathing
  6. If you haven’t peed for 8 hrs.
  7. Dizziness when you stand and it doesn’t go away.
  8. Muscle cramps,
  9. Feeling thirsty,
  10. Feeling dizzy
  11. Dry Skin
  12. Fainting
  13. Dark coloured pee,
  14. Dry mouth and lips,
  15. You have a fit/seizure

If unsure call your doctor


Take small sips of water often, carry an extra drinks bottle with you. have a cup of tea, eat food that has a high water base like soup, fruit like melon, strawberrys, oranges and apples. Put ice cubes in your water to keep it cold. to replenish electrolytes such as sugar, salt and minerals water and the correct diet can replenish all you need, but if you need to, drink an electrolyte sports drink.

At home, if the temperature is too hot and the sun is coming directly into your room, open a window slightly and close the curtains this will help reduce the temperature in the room, damp towel and place around your kneck.




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