H.A.S.C.Return to the Pool, Short Guide

Please find below the short return to the pool guide

General Return to Pool Short Information Guide for Parent/Guardians

The Leisure centre has kindly given the club full pool use for our training sessions, which means we do not have to share with the public, we will still be asking parents, swimmers and coaches to follow the 2m distance rule throughout the Leisure Centre.

  1. Timetable and lane allocation.

Everyone should have received information as to; the days you swim, the times you swim and the lane you will swim in for each session.

  • What kit should I bring?

The float cupboard will be out of use, you will only need a kickboard to start and don’t forget a FULL drinks bottle as the water fountain will be out of use. Under no circumstances should swimmers share kit or drinks bottles. PLEASE MARK YOUR EQUIPMENT AND WATER BOTTLE CLEARLY WITH YOUR NAME to avoid accidental sharing. All equipment should be taken home for cleaning before the next session.

  • Arriving for training / Entry and exit of the building.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of their session.  Do not arrive late as there will be a strict no entry into the pool once the session starts.

Enter the building through the main entrance, keep to the one-way system (no going back to reception after drop off) use hand sanitiser in the reception. Follow the 2m signs on the floor to the health suite to gain access to the pool area, use the foot pump hand sanitiser at the entrance to the health suit. Once in the health suite you will be met by one of our Covid Officers, they will ask swimmers, coaches and volunteers if you have hand sanitised, register your name, time of entry for track and trace.  Before going poolside everyone must remove footwear, parents who dropped swimmers off must then make their way through poolside to the back door to exit. 

On Saturdays mornings swimmers must enter and exit via the back door.

  • Be Beach Ready.

Swimmers should be beach ready at every session, i.e. costume/trunks on under your clothes when they arrive.  As swimmers enter the pool area they will be allocated a chair and a basket for your clothes numbered 1 – 30.

  • Lane set up.

Swimmers will place equipment at the shallow end of the pool, enter the pool at the shallow end then swim to their station, all lanes will swim in a clockwise direction to maximise social distancing. Remember to keep 5 to 7metre distance when swimming. No touching feet and no-overtaking (the first week will be easy technical swimming/ drills and skills at all times).

  • Use of toilets.

We will have use of the male / female toilets during our sessions, if you need to use the toilet inform the coach, please sanitise your hands before going in and wash them with soap and water after. Only one male and one female swimmer allowed in the toilets at any one time. Re-enter the pool on the session coach’s instruction.

  • Leaving the session and going home.

SHOWERS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE. Leave the pool on the session coach’s instruction. Once out of the water maintain social distancing at all times, take your clothes in your basket to the changing cubicles, swimmer using chair 1 will use changing cubical 1, chair 2 cubicle 2 etc.

Please note- No cubicles will be in use on Sundays, swimmers have to go home in damp costume.

HLC staff or Covid officers will sanitise cubicles and baskets between and after use.

REMEMBER No footwear allowed on at poolside.

  • Pick up

Parents, please pick up swimmers at the rear entrance for every session.


  • Fit to swim

All Swimmers, Coaches and Volunteers will be required to fill in and sign a Pre-training Covid-19 Health Screening sheet and a Return to Training Risk Awareness Declaration sheet and follow the instructions within them.

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