Great Return to the Pool for many North Wales Clubs at Holywell’s ComeBack Meet

Holywell ASC held their first swimming Gala in almost 2 years,

It was great to see familiar faces competing along with many new competitors, Teams from Buckley, City of Chester, City of Salford, Colwyn Bay, Connahs Quay, Denbigh, Mold, Newtown, Nofio Bangor, Ruthin Rays, Welshpool Sharks, Wrexham helped make the events a great succe`ss.

Holywell had 31 swimmers compete and amassed a huge medal haul of 51 Medals 23 Goals – 16 Silver – 12 Bronze, some amazing swimming and fantastic team support made this a great gala for the team and reports back in form visiting clubs were really positive, thank you all.

The Team:- (Laura Adamson 1 Gold- 1 Bronze, 3 PBs), (Katie Allen 3 Silver – 2 Bronze, 1 PB), (Amelia Atkin 6 Gold, 2 Silver, 8 PBs), (Lucia Bartlett 2 PBs), (Clemmie Batt 2 PBs), (Geoff Boddie 1 Bronze), (Quinn Boddie 2 Gold, 3 PBs) (Tomas Clarke, 5 Gold, 1 Silver,6 PBs), (Ellen Davies, 4 PBs), (Lucy Davies, 1 Bronze, 4 PBs), (Freya Hall, 3 PBs), Finley Hewitt, 1 Bronze, 1 PB), (Zac Hewitt, 1 Bronze, 2 PBs), (Ffion Johnson, 3 PBs), ( Poppy Johnson, 1 Bronze, 2 PBs), (Emily Jones, 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze, 7 PBs), ( Nela Jones, 3 Gold, 1 PB), Oliver Langridge, 3 PBs), (Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal, 1 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 PBs), ( Evan Merton, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 7 PBs), (Abi Morgan-Lloyd, 2 PBs), (Luca Owen, 6 PBs), (Rhian Powell, 2 PBs), (Elinor Rich, 1 Bronze), ( Ffion Rich, 2 PBs), (Hannah Simpson, 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 1 PB), (Olivia Smith, 2 PBs), (Lowri Thomas, 5 PBs), (Morgan Thomas, 4 PBs), (Georgia Wade Jones, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 PBs), ( Lily Westerman, 2 PBs).

A big thank to everyone who helped out from all the visiting clubs, whether it be referees, Judges, Time keepers, Marshals, Announcers, Coaches, Timing system etc, Here are a few names i can remember, Sue Hubbard and her back room team, Kathryn Woolley, Alison Langridge, Becky Bartlett, Zoe Jones, Kate Thomas, Sandra & Dave Rich, Janet Hewitt, Dawn Powell, Mags, Pascal, Mandy Jones, Nigel and Phil on the timing system (Big thankyou to Paul Pettit who helped Nige and Phil get the system up and running after a long break from galas), Coaches Lorna Clarke, Mike Thomas, Charlotte Atkin. Announcers Katy Westerman and Hannah Wade-Jones. Set up gang who do all the preparation putting in timing pads, Blocks etc. And a special thank you to Sue Hubbard, Jo Allen and Phil Lovel for all there hard work during the weeks of preparation for the meet. apologies if i have missed anyone

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