May 20 2018

Gala Entries for HASC Members Only


Holywell Swimming Club has a new system for our members only entering galas and we will be using it for members  to enter our home Gala The Summer Sprints Meet 30th June 2018, and all future Galas.  If you have any problems using this system or have any questions then please speak to either Anne Blundell or Matt Armstrong who can talk you through the process. You will find us poolside most evenings over the next week. You can also email us at and

Please note all other clubs to enter as normal through their club thank you

You will have received an email asking you to click onto a link, if you have not received an email please contact Anne or Matt straight away

Please click on the link which will allow you to select the events you wish to enter in our Summer Sprints Meet 30th June 2018.

If you have any queries as to which races to enter then please speak to your coaches.

All swimmers are expected to enter or indicate that they are unable to attend by completing the reason box on the form.

The closing date for entries is 28/05/2018.

Shortly after you have entered you will receive a confirmation email of what you have entered. Please check this is correct.

This is one of the few meets each year that does not have qualifying times. This means that anyone can enter and it is a good opportunity for swimmers to gain times to enter future galas that have qualifying time requirements so please make every effort to attend.

Payment will be automatically generated and taken via GoCardless within three days of the 28th May. You will receive notification from GoCardless confirming the exact date.

This is a new system and there may be some teething issues please ignore any current times that may appear as these may be incorrect but will be updated before the meet.

Thanks for your continued support.

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