May 11 2018

15th Wrexham Spring Meet Update

 On Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th of May Holywell competed at Wrexhams 15th sprint meet. Over the years Holywell has won many medals and set numerous record, and this year was no exception.

Below is a reflection on each of the swimmers stand out swim of the weekend;

Sadie Lee’s Gold Medal swim in the  100m FC 1:00.89. – Katie Allen’s Gold medal swim in the 400m IM 5:34.68. – Jac Armstrongs 50m FC swimming 29.54. – Ethan Cameron@s Silver swimming 1:01.23 for the 100m FC.  – Emilie Cartlidge winning Gold and swimming 1:09.56 in the 100m FC. – Liv Davies PB in 200m FC winning Gold swimming 2:13.55. Bianca Feliciello recently missed a lot of her training,  but her three swims still resulted in 2 Silver and a Bronze. Victoria FlyGuy’s 100m IM dropping 5.54 seconds.  Daniel Harvey’s 200m IM taking Bronze with a PB time of 3:23.58. – Shannon Havey’s 400 IM dropping 5.2 seconds winning Silver in time of 6:05.45. Matthew Johnson taking 2.15 seconds off his 50m FC time. Ffion Jones dropping 3.85 seconds in the 100IM taking Silver. Milly Jones swimming in the 200m backstroke taking 9.06 seconds off her time. Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal’s impressive Gold medal swim in the 400m IM dropping a whopping 15.48 seconds. Molly Martin’s remarkable 200m Breaststroke swim winning Gold in an astonishing time of 2:33.42 placing Molly No1 in Wales in the open age group category for short course 200m Brs. Evan Merton’s superfast arms in the 50m backstroke winning him the Gold. Elinor Rish’s 100m FC in a time of 1:12.02 dropping 1.93 seconds. Rhys Roberts 100m backstroke winning silver with a PB of 6.92 seconds. Hannah Simpsons 100 Fly in a PB time of 1:10.46 winning Silver. Lily Westerman taking 3.33 seconds off her 50m Breaststroke time. Tom Williams 100m FC swim winning Silver and going 58.79. Lotty Woolley’s 100m IM dropping 1.87 (we all know how hard this swim was for Lotti which makes the PB even more impressive)

The team consisted of 21 swimmers, they achieved some fantastic swims producing an impressive, 40 Gold, 26 Silver, 15 Bronze, 11 Forths, 8 Fifths, 4 Sixths. 78 Personal Best times. The team set several records and we will let you know who and how many when Wrexham send out the meet results.

The Team:

Katie Allen ( 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 5 Bronze, 2 Forth, 1 Sixth, 6PBs). Jac Armstrong (1 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze, 3 Forth, 2 Fifth, 4PBs). Ethan Cameron ( 1 Silver, 1 PB). Emilie Cartlidge (4 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Forth, 1 Fifth, 3PBs) Liv Davies (10 Gold, 1 Silver, 1PBs). Bianca Feliciello (2 Silver, 1 Bronze ), Victoria FlynGuy ( 3PBs). Daniel Harvey (1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Fifth,  1 Sixth, 4PBs). Shannon Harvey (2 Silver, 1 PB). Matthew Johnson (1 PB). Ffion Jones (3 Silver, 1 Bronze, 3 PBs). Millie Jones (1 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 4 PBs). Sadie Lee (2 Gold, 1 PB). Jean-Luc Lovell-Pascal (14 Gold, 2 Silver, 12 PBs). Molly Martin ( 3 Gold, 3 PBs). Evan Merton (1 Gold, 1 Bronze, 1 Forth, 3 PBs). Elinor Rich (2 Forth, 1 Sixth, 3 PBs). Rhys Roberts (1 Silver, 2 Bronze, 3 PBs). Hannah Simpson (4 Silver, 1 Bronze, 4 PBs). Lily Westerman (1 Fifth, 2 PBs). Tomos Williams (4 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Forth, 7 PBs). Lotty Woolley (2 Fifth, 1 Sixth, 1 PB).

Big thanks to Andrea and Jo for helping poolside and Sioned Jones for officiating.

The team will be competing this weekend 12th-13th May at the Manchester Aquatic Centre in our final British Summer qualifying event of the season.   Good luck to all those taking part.  #HolywellASC#WeLoveToWin#SwimFast

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